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Green Finance
       China Eximbank has vigorously implemented the philosophy of green development and enhanced its green finance business and green credit management, which has not only contributed to environmental protection and green growth, but also increased the awareness of green development worldwide. By the end of 2018, the Bank’s loan balance from its green credit business had exceeded RMB200 billion. The benefited projects posted a decrease in standard coal consumption of 41.4626 million tons, and CO2, SO2, and NOX emission reductions of 72.0055 million tons, 146,100 tons and 40,400 tons respectively. The projects also led to a reduction in water consumption of 6.2867 million tons, which generated good environmental and social benefits.

       To better meet the needs of its clients for green and low-carbon finance, the Bank has established a system of green credit products represented by on-lending, loans for energy conservation and environmental protection, and loans for transformation and upgrade. The Bank has launched a number of equity investment funds, including the China-Japan Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Investment Fund. Moreover, the Bank has engaged in the carbon finance business underpinned by carbon asset consultancy services. In 2016 and 2017, the Bank successfully issued two green bonds with a total value of RMB3 billion. That helped increase the capital raising channels of the Bank. The bond issued in 2017 was the first Belt and Road related green bond issued by a Chinese institution that was open to global investors.

       China Eximbank has established a diversified green finance service system comprising of green credits, green bonds, green funds and green consultancy. The Bank supports green companies and projects committed to risk prevention and commercial sustainability in such areas as pollution prevention and treatment, resource conservation and recycling, clean transport, clean energy, eco-agriculture, and ecological protection. The Bank also supports the transformation of the manufacturing industry in the fields of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. By so doing, the Bank has played a guiding role in transforming the ways of economic development and promoting sustainable growth.

       China Eximbank has established cooperation and exchange mechanisms with multilateral financial institutions including the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. It has supported a number of projects in the green industry such as building material design, wind power, biomass power and solar power. By signing the Green Investment Principles for the Belt and Road and jointly publishing the Green Finance for the Belt and Road—China’s Approaches and Practices with the Development Research Center of the State Council of China, the Bank endeavors to make the vision of open, green and clean development of the BRI better known to the world through its own practice.