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Small and Micro Businesses
       Giving full play to its resources and strengths, China Eximbank has continuously stepped up its financial support for micro and small enterprises (MSEs). With persistent innovation of mechanisms and business models, the Bank continues to develop on-lending business, expand services to foreign trade MSEs, and improve the performance of MSE financing. By the end of 2018, the Bank’s outstanding balance of MSE credit business registered over RMB370 billion.

       In terms of service models, the Bank has been cooperating with local small and medium commercial banks to focus on developing wholesale microfinance business, including on-lending services for MSEs. Moreover, the Bank has carried out innovation in MSE financial services based on big data, and explored the designing of direct lending products specifically for development zones and comprehensive service platforms for foreign trade where MSEs are concentrated. As a result, the pilot program on direct lending business for MSEs has kept expanding.

       In terms of service mechanism, China Eximbank has established the Inclusive Financial Service Department, which is in charge of MSE financing planning and management. It has also set up inclusive financial service units across domestic branches. At the same time, the Bank has improved the MSE credit rules system, and launched a series of MSE-related regulations, including renewal of loans without repayment of loan principal and liability exemption after due diligence for MSE credit business. Moreover, it has put in place a differentiated customer access system for MSE on-lending to encourage more operational units to engage in MSE businesses. The Bank has improved its performance assessment mechanism, reserved special credit resources and placed MSEs as the priority in its allocation of bank-wide resources. It has set benchmark interest rate for MSEs and adopted policies to reduce their financing cost and give them more benefits. By creating platforms for bank-government cooperation, bank-guarantor cooperation and bank-insurer cooperation, China Eximbank has mobilized advantageous resources of all parties and leveraged more credit funds to support MSEs.