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Public-benefit Programs
       By following the requirements made for targeted poverty alleviation, China Eximbank has worked persistently to reduce poverty by providing diversified financial products and comprehensive services. The Bank has adhered to the principle of poverty alleviation through development. It has promoted the shift in the approach of poverty alleviation by integrating “blood transfusion” with “blood making”. This way, it has promoted the featured industries to help impoverished regions build capability for poverty reduction. It has provided public-benefit poverty relief loans to finance livelihood projects, including irrigation and water conservancy, medical care and transportation. The Bank has also adopted various approaches of fighting poverty by taking into account the specific features of poor regions.

       The Bank has supported its two partner counties, Minxian County in Gansu Province and Yunyang County in Chongqing Municipality, in fighting the critical battle of poverty reduction based on their own development plans. By the end of 2018, the Bank had provided RMB378.39 million loans to the two counties and granted a credit line of RMB500 million to local guarantee companies by aligning government-bank-guarantor strengths to support small and micro businesses. The Bank provided occupational training to 4,000 people living under the poverty line, introduced three companies into the local markets, and purchased and assisted the sales of agricultural products worth RMB1.4774 million. In 2018, China Eximbank donated RMB20.111 million to the two counties, up by 82% compared to 2017. The donation was spent on local industries, education, health care, training, and infrastructure as part of the poverty alleviation effort. A total of 363 people were registered to be out of poverty. It was estimated that the Bank’s donations would benefit 5,316 impoverished people in the years to come.

       Ongoing sponsorship has been given by the Bank to students from registered low-income families in Minxian and Yunyang who are enrolled at universities and colleges in Beijing. By the end of 2018, 79 grants have been given by the Bank to sponsor needy college students. In the meantime, people in the Bank regard themselves as family members of those students, caring for their lives, encouraging their academic progress, and helping them through hard times. By doing so, the Bank has helped solve real problems and encourage them to help more people to overcome poverty.

       The Bank encourages its employees to take part in public-benefit programs. In 2018, a sweater and scarf-making campaign was organized by the Bank for children in poverty-stricken areas in Yunyang County and Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The campaign was much welcomed by the employees, who made over 1,600 knitted pieces for children in need. With real action, the Bank works to contribute to the building of a more cohesive community with love and care.